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Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are presented to all tenants to assist them in making concerted decisions in regards to related utility costs associated with renting a particular home.  An EPC provides information which is rated in terms of energy use per square metre of floor area, energy efficiency based on fuel costs and the environmental impact based on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

All properties are fully vetted by our skilled team by way of a strict property evaluation process to ensure our tenants are taking occupancy of a home within a safe and healthy environment.  This also assists our Landlords in the knowledge that baseLETS will support them in complying with the requirements of the Health & Safety Rating System outlined in Housing Act 1988.   Additionally, we commit to periodic on-site visits to our managed properties to ensure that the homes meet the required health and safety standards, are regularly maintained and presented well.  Thus providing our Landlords with support in caring for their property as a valued ongoing investment with long term returns.  This also gives tenants the comfort of knowing that a baseLETS property will be of good quality and sound condition.   

In conjunction, the required Adequacy Standards Check List for Community Rental Housing provided to 48 CES Housing Office on all rental properties means baseLETS continues to Lead the Way for You by instilling superior work ethics and practices.